Various Photos taken by some of our People to show our Country to all.


Ngadjuri Lands cover the Mid North of South Australia from Angaston & Truro in the East to Gawler in the South
all the way North through Clare to Crystal Brook to Port Pirie past Orroroo and Carrieton into the Southern Flinders Rangers.


The Ngadjuri Woman & Child Statue at Riverton - created by Robert Hannaford


The Discriptive Plate at the base of Woman & Child Statue


Ngadjuri Park at Koolunga


The Large Ngadjuri Sign on the Sturt Highway, East of Gawler


Carrieton - Birthplace of where over 200 of us, Grandchildren, Great Grandchildren, Great Great Grandchildren and Great Great Great Grandchildren can trace our line back to John, Nellie, Dolly & Patricia


Orroroo - Home of Nellie's Farm in the mid 20th Century.


Welcome to Clare from the North.


Watervale, between Clare and Gawler.


Truro - Our furthest point on the Sturt Highway.


Farrell Flat Sign Post heading all over.