Here we will try to detail some of our Ngadjuri Aboriginal Culture.


    A very important part of Ngadjuri Culture is the respect shown to the Elders by all younger Members of the Families regardless of age. Those who marry into the Ngadjuri Family have always honoured & respected the authority of the Elders. It has always been a condition for those claiming Ngadjuri heritage that the Elders teachings, views & opinions take precedence over the views and opinions of the younger generations. This is how the Younger Generations learn respect. Respect for the True Elders was and still is a condition of acceptance withing Ngadjuri Society. Sadly far too many of the Younger generation choose not to show Respect to their Elders which has so many other Australians questioning why they are asked to show respect to our Elders, past, Present & emerging.


    Much has changed over many Generations. Years ago only Men could be an Elder & sit in a Council of Elders, today we are fortunate to have Women Elders who also hold so much of the knowledge and traditions of our People. Few today have to go through the rituals our Forefathers did with training from a very early age and bearing the incision scars on the upper arm to signify their status as an Elder. What hasn't changed is that to be considered an Elder one must have Heritage only to the Mob he/she claims to be an Elder of, part this and part that is a British thing and not part of Aboriginal Culture. Elders are the Custodians of Knowledge and Customs of each Mob handed down and not something one achieves by self appointment or just by being of a certain age.


    We address our Aunties by calling them Auntie and not by their name as a Sign of Respect. The Honour is that our Aunties are like our Mothers, they are here to guide us and never give up on their Nieces and Nephews. In our Culture when you don't have a Mum you will never be an Orphan because your Auntie steps in and Honours the Role. She accepts a Relatives Child as her own. Our People didn't let each other suffer, it's an honour to take in and care for a Family member with or without Parents. NO questions asked, it was just done.


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